Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip character
Cal Shanley
Gender Male
Job Control Room Director
Actor Timothy Busfield
First Pilot
Last What Kind of Day Has It Been
Calvin Shanley is a fictional character on the US television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, played by Timothy Busfield.

[edit] Personal HistoryEdit

Cal Shanley is the director of Studio 60. He was partially responsible for the broadcast of Wes Mendell's live on-air breakdown, deliberately not cutting away to titles until Wes began to swear, 53 seconds in. While he was initially fearful for his job due to this hesitation, Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, when they were hired to run the show, reassured him that he was going to be kept onboard; they joked that if he had left Wes on for 54 seconds, they would have given him a raise.

He has two children attending a private school and thus far appears the only of the main cast to have children, although he mentions that his first kiss wasn't until he was 19.

He is a self-declared World War II buff.