K&R - Part 3
Season 1, Episode 21
Air date 21 June 2007
Written by Aaron Sorkin and

Mark McKinney

Directed by Timothy Busfield
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K&R - Part 2
What Kind of Day Has It Been
Jordan's internal hemorrhaging is stopped, but her prolonged exposure may have led to a bacterial infection, leaving Harriet and Danny feeling helpless to do anything. Jack tries pressuring Simon into releasing a written apology to the media, which he firmly refuses to do. The military gains information that the terrorists may have executed one of the airmen, leading Mary Tate's K&R efforts to go forward. In addition to this, Mary Tate begins to draw up the paperwork that can make Danny the baby's legal guardian in the event of Jordan's death. Flashbacks reveal that Matt and Danny aired a sketch displaying the dubious relationship between the White House and Hollywood five weeks after 9/11, a sketch that angered many viewers. When Matt refused to release any apology, Jack threatened to fire them. This lack of principle led Matt and Danny to quit the show.