Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip character
Ron Oswald
Gender Male
Job Co-Executive Producer of Studio 60
Actor Carlos Jacott
First The Cold Open
Last The Option Period
Ron Oswald is a fictional character on the US TV series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, played by Carlos Jacott.

[edit] Personal historyEdit

Ron came to Studio 60 in the late 90's with his writing partner Ricky Tahoe. The duo have written many sketches together and have worked with each other all their careers. Their writing style can be summed up in Matt Albie's words, calling the duo "Beavis and Hackboy".

When their contract came up for renewal, it's discovered that the two have been writing a sitcom for FOX based on a character that they created for Studio 60, "Peripheral Vision Man" and threaten to take the entire writing staff with them except for two new writers.

Matt and Ricky exchanged some heated words and Ron tried to cool both sides down. When Ricky left the room, Matt gave Ron some advice on how to make Peripheral Vision Man better. Ron gratefully accepted the advice, and the two parted amicably. Matt, however, would go on to say in the episode "4 A.M. Miracle" that he still "can't stand" Ricky and Ron.