The Option Period
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 20 November 2006
Written by Aaron Sorkin (teleplay)

Christina Kiang Booth and Mark Goffman (story)

Directed by John Fortenberry
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Nevada Day - Part 2
After the show comes down, Matt discovers that Ricky and Ron are planning to leave — and take the writing staff with them — to write their adaptation of their Studio 60 character "Peripheral Vision Man" as a Fox network sitcom. Matt tries to discourage them from going since he thinks their show will fail, but Ricky takes his concern for condescension, claiming Matt is trying to hold him back. Harriet contemplates doing a lingerie photo spread in a magazine, which Tom and Simon advise her against for the sake of her professional image. Jordan and Danny wrestle with budget cuts, as Jordan suggests either adding product placement or firing 15 staff members.