Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip character
Tom Jeter
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Actor/Comedian
Actor Nate Corddry
First Pilot
Last What Kind of Day Has It Been
Tom Jeter is a fictional character on the American television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, played by Nate Corddry.

[edit] Personal historyEdit

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Tom Jeter is one of the "Big Three" cast members of "Studio 60" along with Harriet Hayes and Simon Stiles. Tom is the host of the recurring game-show sketch "Science Schmience" and frequently portrays President Bush in sketches; he has also portrayed Chris Hansen. While his comedic skills and gifts for character parody are acknowledged, he is self-critical and constantly looks on the Internet at critics' appraisals. He can often be seen sleeping in the studio, sometimes in full costume.

Tom has a strained relationship with his father (who was apparently so unfamiliar with comedy that he had never even heard of Abbott and Costello) and at times becomes frustrated by his parents' lack of understanding of his work. His younger brother, US Air Force Staff Sergeant Mark Jeter, is a combat engineer serving his third tour in Operation Enduring Freedom with the 820th Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers. In the episode "Breaking News", Tom learns that his brother has been captured by terrorists and is being held hostage. His brother is later rescued, to his relief.

In "Nevada Day Part I", Tom says that he has a pet basset hound named Roscoe. He also seems to have a fan base among teenage girls.


Lucy Tom's current girlfriend. She is a writer on Studio 60. They had a rocky start but are now in love.